Things have been quiet at AcclaimedHost over the past few weeks. This is because we've been working on offering something big. We're finally ready to share it, and we think that you'll love the new services. Here are some changes that we're implementing:
  • Accounts are now created on dedicated servers that we own. We're no longer adding accounts on VPS or servers that we don't have full root access to. This means that our support representatives will be able to help you easier and faster.
  • We've added new support representatives, bringing down the queues significantly. We're now staffed 24/7 with experts who are ready to help at a moment's notice.
  • We've launched a new website design to make it easier for our clients to read about us and order new services. 
  • We have built an in-house end user support module that will allow us to connect our support helpdesk directly with yours.
  • We have reworked our plans to bring more value to the reseller through more resources
  • Servers are now protected by CloudLinux, giving better stability and uptime
  • AcclaimedHost is now a CloudFlare partner
We're excited to see what our clients think of the new changes. Feel free to open a ticket in the Management department to give your thoughts.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

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